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Frequently Asked Questions about working with us

What is rapiddwellers tech stack?

The technologies that are used by rapiddweller are: BENERATOR, Angular, Ansible, Maven, Apache Niki, AWS, Docker, Cloudflare CDN, FastAPI, git, GitHub, Gitlab, Google Workspace, Java, Kubernetes, Kotlin, Microsoft Azure Stack, Python, ReactJS, Vagrant, Android, iOS, WordPress, Typo3, Joomla. rapiddweller works language agnostic. Whatever tech stack solves a problem best will be applied.

What are rapiddwellers working hours?

rapiddweller offers flexible working hours.

Does rapiddweller offer remote work?

rapiddweller offers remote work. However due to legal requirements we are currently only hiring employees based in Germany or Vietnam.

Can I apply if there is no suitable position?

We are always happy to receive your unsolicited application via

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